Mary Kay Secrets

MK Secrets will be filled with my inside scoop on the products I’ve tried myself and how I honestly feel about them! Skin care is a very important factor to how we feel inside and out. So follow me to find out all the inside scoops and makeup/skincare tricks and tips!

My skin is oily and dry which is hard to treat and difficult to find an oily to dry product but after many years I found Mary Kay and they have helped me control it! What I love about Mary Kay is the loving community that it has, plus I get to learn how to look good while feeling confident and helping others learn as well!

At the moment I am a consultant in training and can’t wait to be experiencing that with my Mary Kay team, Love Stronger! I hope you join me on this amazing journey that Mary Kay has planned for me! Contact me if you have any skin care questions/concerns or want to be apart of Mary Kay. Also contact me if you’d like to purchase any skin care, makeup, or fragrances and you’re around the DFW area!

1 Corinthians 16:14

“Let all that you do be done in LOVE.”



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